Before becoming an entrepreneur I trained as a mechanical engineer. I was involved in design, management and sales of conveyor systems, fence making machinery and pneumatic automation over 15 years in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Working for someone else did not satisfy my ambitions so in 1998 after hours and hours of due diligence, I entered the business world as a franchisee for Eagle Boys Pizza, a highly successful business based in Australia and New Zealand.


I loved cooking pizza and focusing on customer service, but most of all I loved the systems and processes that delivered great quality, predictable growth and most of all predictable profit.

After a few years a multi-national chain bought out Eagle Boys, including my business and all the other franchisees which meant I was ready to move onto the next challenge.

I chose to become a franchisee for a successful USA franchise group Sign-A-Rama trading as Speedy Signs in New Zealand and had another experience of the benefits of a highly systemized franchise business. However it became apparent that my talents would be better suited to being a Master Franchisee setting up a nationwide network of franchisees

My first Master Franchise was the rights for Mr Rentals New Zealand.

This really was a hands-on ground up challenge as the pilot store was based in Australia, so we worked on everything from business growth modeling, store setup to sales scripts and legal requirements.

After hours of due diligence the first store for Mr Rentals New Zealand was opened in 2001. In under five years 30 territories were sold and I had the satisfaction of watching the franchisees tracking toward the projections we had initially modeled. I also expanded the business to include a separate Finance company and Supply company so we had greater control of delivery and profitability.


My passion for Franchising and Business Development was born. So much learning, so many mistakes, but the business became very successful because I paid attention to the vital performance indicators and improving the systems to give that all-important predictable growth and profitability.

I parted ways in 2006 to take on my next challenge of launching David Reid Homes Master Franchisee into New South Wales, Australia. For this business I applied my learnings taken from Mr Rentals and focused them on building a group of franchisee leaders.

This is my number one secret to build a successful and happy franchise... create a network of leaders.



Personal changes meant I returned to New Zealand in 2008 and I took up another franchise with ActionCOACH Business Coaching.

Now I was working with owner operated businesses which seldom had the structure and systems I had experienced in franchises and were operating well below their true potential for performance and profitability.

After leaving ActionCOACH I could clearly see the needs of the market and I began developing my Brandxpand business which made businesses profitable at a new level, and then systemised them to prepare for franchising - which I believe is the ultimate leverage of a business owner's knowledge and experience.

I sum this up as: "More CASH. More ASSET. More FREEDOM."


Today I personally consult to businesses to help the owners expand (predominantly by franchising but also managed units) so they can pursue their lifestyle dreams... producing results like:

  • Changing loss-making businesses into profit in a matter of months… one business had not made an annual profit for 10 years and had their first profit after 5 months... and that was only because we began working together during off peak trading time with low sales. Now they are creating a franchise model.
  • Increasing the asset value (sale price) of businesses by 173%.
  • Business owners putting in place proven strategies and tools which means now they have control of cashflow for the first time in 13 years of operating.
  • Supporting one franchise group from going broke to $500,000 extra sales in 9 months.
  • Give hope for business owners because by creating more cash so they can see a future building wealth and owning a franchise system which gives ongoing income.

For those business owners ambitious to have a national or global vision my 5 step franchise program takes a business and creates a franchise model for the owners ready to share their passion, their products or services to more and more people.

Go GLOBAL. Stay LOCAL. It's your CHOICE.




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